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Masterclasses are an essential part of a comprehensive study of chamber music, providing opportunities for student quartets to gain a deeper understanding of themselves and their repertoire in the company of their colleagues and special guest artists.


A masterclass is an informal performance experience where a master artist or ensemble listens to and offers constructive comments to the group. Its focus is on improving the young ensemble's overall performance while at the same time imparting musical wisdom beyond the technical aspects of the repertoire. A good masterclass like good teaching should inspire the performer to higher levels of playing and understanding

Previous masterclasses have been presented by the critically acclaimed Artaria String Quartet, as well as by the Takacs, Pacifica, Brentano, St. Lawrence, Borromeo and Miami String Quartets. Renowned chamber musicians Roberto Diaz (Director of the Curtis Institute) and Arnold Steinhardt (Guarneri Quartet) have also made a profound impact in their sessions with ACMS students.

Attendance at masterclasses is important to the success of those performing and those actively listening to their peers. Families, friends, and teachers are especially invited to come and share in the excitement of the learning process.

All masterclasses are free for ACMS students, guests, and the general public.



Pacifica String Quartet


Miami Quartet Masterclass


Peter Howard



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